Betsy Bickel is a self-proclaimed Agnostic-Pagan-Buddhist-Taoist-Hindu-Sufi-Christian-Zen-Witch with a lot of other influences mixed in. She is currently seeking enlightenment via political transformation, songwriting and singing, the healing modalities of massage and hypnosis, bellydancing and party throwing. Her Halloween and Valentine parties are legendary in the area and will probably outlive her.

She is the creator of Goddess Grace: A Moving Meditation which allows the participant to take on the power, postures and pronouncements of 26 Goddesses from A to Z in less than half an hour. She is also a founding mother of HAWAP (Hard-Assed Women Against Patriarchy), a disorganization dedicated to subverting the dominant paradigm through fun and a complete lack of productivity of any kind. More about these last two can be found on the web at

She is delighted to have the good fortune of hooking up with Jewelsong so that she can sing, laugh and eat take-out on a regular basis. It is also soothing to her conscience to be performing socially redeeming songs. She hopes the music of Jewelsong makes your heart a little lighter and your smile a little brighter and reminds you that you are not alone.