Sue-Anne Solem gave herself the name “Sofianna” after an epiphany on the island of Crete, where she imagines herself connected to a long line of long torso-ed, long necked, ringletted ancestresses. Sophia (Holy Wisdom) and Anna (Mary’s mother) both came to her in the form of iconic art in a roadside sanctuary and a 12th century nunnery on the island. She feels that these goddesses are the ancient forms of Minnie-Tonka, the modern day goddess who appears in disguise on certain butter boxes, to whom Sofianna is a devotee. Devoted to the rigorous spiritual path which Minnie-Tonka advises,

Sofianna is ever searching for ways to express her unique talents in ways which delight and educate. She has been an elementary school teacher, with an emphasis on Gifted Education (probably because she was born on Christmas Day) long enough to be retired. And so she is! On the side, she has been a singer, dancer,choreographer, actress, artist and writer all her life, appearing in way too many musicals, dance concerts, plays,etc. Her passion for the natural world has taken her to many places of extreme physical beauty, which is the beauty she REALLY loves. She is currently entertaining thoughts of using all her gifts in new and exciting ways that will help educate and entertain. Singing with Jewelsong is helping to fulfill that wish!