Farrunnissa Rosa has been singing since age two, when she fell in love with the theme song from the Davy Crockett TV show and regaled her parents day and night with her passionate rendition.

She wrote her first song at age six listening to the wind chimes outside her bedroom window, and has written poetry since fourth grade.

She and her brothers sang in an a Capella trio for four years when she was in high school, and she chose and arranged most of their music.

In college, Farrunnissa minored in music, studying voice and piano, and she sang professionally with the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga TN.

Now, she teaches frame drumming in Durham NC in the tradition of Layne Redmond and When the Drummers Were Women (www.layneredmond.com), and focuses gatherings of sacred sound and movement with the Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi devotional practices.

Farrunnissa is thrilled to be creating music with Jewelsong. She’s also singing with Stellaria along with Cynthia Crossen and Lea Clayton; see more at www.cynthiasongs.com. In 2016, Farrunnissa and Marilyn formed the duo Lotus Daughters — because they just wanted to sing more! She looks forward to making “a joyful noise” for the rest of her days.